2019-20 ment'or GRANT PROGRAM

We are proud to be in our sixth year of the Ment’or Grant program, which is designed to provide young chefs with unique opportunities to expand their training and skills. Since the program launched in 2014, we have awarded nearly $1.4 million in stage experiences to young chefs around the United States and worldwide. Over 120 grantees have traveled to 14 countries, and over 75 restaurants around the world.

Through this initiative, established mentors from some of the world's top restaurants open their doors and provide invaluable training to up-and-coming chefs. Grantees have distinctive opportunities to learn new techniques, as well as understand different kitchen cultures and approaches to food and cooking.

Ment’or is also pleased to announce that Sysco, the multinational food distribution company, has joined in the Foundation’s efforts and will provide $100,000 toward growing the Grant Program. Sysco, which lives at the heart of food and foodservice, recognizes the importance of enhancing culinary skills and reinvigorating creativity in developing chefs.

To learn more about the requirements and to apply today, please complete this application.

The full list of grantees for 2018-19 can be viewed here.

The Ment’or Grant Program for Continuing Education is integral to our mission to keep building the pipeline of growing young American chefs, so that we continue to establish the U.S. as a leader in the global culinary community.

To learn more about our past grant recipients and their stage stories, click here.