Since 1987, the United States has competed at the Bocuse d’Or Competition, the world’s most prestigious culinary competition. 

 In 2008, Chef Paul Bocuse asked Daniel Boulud to develop a structure which would provide an established structure and greater funding for Team USA to compete effectively at the Bocuse d’Or. Chef Boulud, along with Chefs Thomas Keller and Jérôme Bocuse established the Foundation and serve as the Board of Directors, which comprises the governing body of the charity to this day. The Board then selected a group of distinguished American Chefs to join the Culinary Council and to help them select chefs to qualify in the USA finals competition. This subsequently led to the official creation of the Foundation, then known as The Bocuse d’Or USA Foundation.

The Foundation has continued to help train and select the most qualified young chef and commis teams to represent the USA at the Bocuse d'Or competition in Lyon. Such efforts have resulted in Team USA winning silver in 2015, and then gold in 2017.

Since the Foundation was formed, competitors representing Team USA have included:

  • 2009: Chef Timothy Hollingsworth and Commis Adina Guest of The French Laundry placed sixth overall
  • 2011: Chef James Kent and Commis Tom Allan of Eleven Madison Park placed tenth overall
  • 2013: Chef Richard Rosendale and Commis Corey Siegel of The Greenbrier placed seventh overall
  • 2015: Chef Philip Tessier and Commis Skylar Stover of The French Laundry placed second overall, marking the first time America stood on the podium
  • 2017: Chef Mathew Peters and Commis Harrison Turone, formerly of Per Se, won America's first Gold medal
  • 2019: Chef Matt Kirkley and Commis Mimi Chen placed ninth overall
  • 2023: Chef Jeffery Hayashi and Commis Franco Fugel

While striving for gold, the Foundation also began reflecting on its deep commitment to mentorship, as mentors, like Monsieur Paul, are fundamental to culinary development. With this in mind, Ment’or was unveiled as the Foundation’s new name in 2014 to reflect the Foundation’s deep commitment to mentorship. 

Ment’or is dedicated to “inspiring culinary excellence” in young professionals and elevating and promoting the fine culinary arts in America. Ment’or has broadened its focus beyond Team USA’s training, primarily by championing young culinary careers through educational grants and opportunities, such as the annual Ment'or Young Chef and Commis Competitions and the Grant Program for Continuing Education. In addition, the Foundation established the Ment’or Giving Fund in 2020 to support struggling restaurants and their workers during times of crisis, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.