University of Nevada, Las Vegas 

 Group Chef Photo with YCC, Commis, Team USA Competitors2_PhotoCredit_KenGoodman


Young Chef Winners:

Young Chef Paris Dreibelbis Dish3_PhotoCredit_KenGoodman   Young Chef Joseph Maggio Dish5_PhotoCredit_KenGoodman   Young Chef John Somerall Dish4_PhotoCredit_KenGoodman

Paris Dreibelbis and Zach Nelsen (1st place) - Confit Salmon Belly, Leek Custard, Leek Vinaigrette, Mustard Hollandaise, Smoked Trout Roe, Rye, Pickled Red Onion (Left)

Joseph Maggio and Jakub Czyszczon (2nd place) - Ora King Salmon, Swiss Chard, Pine Nut, Salmon Skin Tuiles, Matsutake Mushroom, Celery Root Purée (Middle)

John Somerall and Lucas Webb (3rd place) - Viriginia Pine-Smoked Salmon with Turnip Greens and Burgundy Fall Truffles (Right)


Commis Winners:

Commis Ethan Hodge Dish5_PhotoCredit_KenGoodman   Commis Brendan Scott Dish3_PhotoCredit_KenGoodman   Commis Luis Reyes Dish3_PhotoCredit_KenGoodman

Ethan Hodge (1st place) - Salmon Pavé, Pickled Salmon Belly, Leek Purée, Truffled Potatoes with Fines Herbes, Braised Fennel, Carrot and Mussel Emulsion (Left)

Brendan Scott (2nd place) - Ora King Salmon, Barley Beet Risotto, Beet Terrine, Citrus Fluid Gel (Middle)

Luis Reyes (3rd place) - Salmon, Sunchoke, Brussels Sprouts, Feuille de Brik, Asian Pear, Smoked Roe, Beurre Blanc (Right)


Thank you to our Chef Judges: Paul Bartolotta (The Bartolotta Restaurants), William Bradley (Addison Restaurant), Josiah Citrin (Melissé Restaurant), Justin Cogley (Aubergine), Gerard Craft (Niche Food Group), Roland Henin (Delaware North Parks Services), Michelle Karr-Ueoka (MW Restaurant), Gabriel Kreuther (Gabriel Kreuther), André Natera (The Fairmont Austin), Roland Passot (La Folie), Mark Sandoval (UNLV), André Soltner (International Culinary Center, New York), Philip Tessier (Team USA 2015 Silver Winner & Head Coach for Team USA 2017, the Gold Winner).


We would also like to thank our Sponsors for supporting the competitions this year: All-Clad, Barclaycard, Bragard, Bridor, Chef's Cut Real Jerky Co., The Chef's Garden, Ora King, Nordaq Fresh, Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits of Nevada, Steelite International, UNLV, Urbani Truffles