Ment'ors Virtual Inspiration Event with Chef Gabriel Kreuther

Voyage to Alsace and learn how to make Spaetzle and Tartare of Yellowfin Tuna and Diver Scallops with Caviar!

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Presented by Steelite 

We are evermore aware of the importance of mentorship and remain steadfast in our commitment to our mission. Mentorship and leadership are needed throughout all our communities to invigorate us with hope and motivation. It is critical, especially during these times, that we continue to support and enrich the future for our young chefs. 

Monsieur Paul Bocuse valued the importance of educating and passing down knowledge to the next generation of chefs.  He was a pioneer in his cooking and changed the culinary world in so many ways.  His legacy remains not only through his cooking, but through his core belief to mentor young chefs and encourage them to pave their own path, just as he did.  We are inspired by the contributions of Chef Bocuse to the culinary profession and aim to keep these beliefs alive through our educational programs.  Each virtual class is designed to inspire culinary excellence, just as Monsieur Paul did for so many in the culinary community.

All proceeds from each virtual event will go towards our programs which help support the culinary community, including: providing young chefs fully funded internships at restaurants around the world, Team USA and our competitions, which opens the doors to further the careers of young chefs across the country, and the Giving Fund, which directs necessary funds to restaurant workers in times of crisis.

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