Over the years our goal has focused on making an impact and helping to support the culinary profession.  In light of the COVID-19 situation and the millions of lives it has impacted, this is a dedicated fundraising effort to support the culinary community and the individuals who are at the backbone of the restaurants we love.  Without all the individuals that make up this culinary family, we cannot continue to inspire culinary excellence. 

The Giving Fund is 100% dedicated to support struggling workers who are integral in preserving the culinary success of America.  Proceeds will be allocated to other charities that support the culinary workforce or directly to restaurant businesses, with the requirement they distribute 100% of these funds directly to their displaced employees who demonstrate financial need.  We have all had special moments in restaurants making our dining experience memorable.  Today, the individuals who worked to make these experiences unforgettable for us are the ones facing their greatest challenge and find themselves in need of aid.

These individuals are yearning to come back to continue to build more magical moments for us all.  Let's help the chefs, servers, bartenders, dishwashers, managers, service teams, office staff, farmers, fisherman, purveyors, drivers, florists, vineyards--- and make a difference in their lives today for our collective future.