seaweed confit, chamomile, fermented lettuce


Abalone- (lightly pounded, sous vide 60c for 30 min. Already prepped cooked in its jus)
Milk Skin infused with chamomile
Pickled mermaids hair
Fermented Lettuce (baby romaine)
Roasted chicken jus
Confit of seaweed. 


Chamomile Infused milk skin

1000 grams milk
infuse overnight with 6 grams Chamomile (BTAS for 4 min, chill and store overnight. The next day strain.
Add to the milk mixture
80 grams cream
20 grams whey protein

Bring to a simmer and then start to pull milk skins
15 min. 

Seaweed Confit

Ten Sheets of Nori
70 grams dulse
50 grams of fresh nori
40 grams minced onion
45 grams minced shallot
4 grams micro planed garlic
200 grams oil 

Toast nori sheets and crumble into the bowl. Sweat onion, shallot, and garlic in oil, about 10 min. Pour everything into a medium sized bowl with the crumbled nori, dulse, fresh nori and store in a hot place for about 1 hour. (wrap tight in plastic wrap) After 1 hour strain and reserve oil. Chop the seaweed until it is paste like. Season the seaweed with 32 grams seaweed oil, 8 grams salt. 20 grams ponzu. Chill and reserve.

Fermented Lettuce

4 heads of baby romaine. Wash and spin dry. add 2 % of salt by weight and seal in a cryovac bag. Let sit out around 70f for two days. Open bag and test lettuce. If it has the correct flavor, trim for service.

Mermaids Hair

100 grams water
75 grams strawberry vinegar
75 grams cleaned mermaids hair. 

Warm up the pickling liquid and pour over seaweed. Chill and store.


Warm up the abalone in some brown butter. Cook until a nice color develops around 3 min. Take off heat and season with sea salt and lemon juice. Cut the abalone in half lengthwise. Top with the seaweed paste.

Next add two strips of the fermented lettuce, mermaids hair, and then top with a milk skin. Lightly torch the milk skin and then finish with some roasted chicken jus.