2016 Young Chef & Commis Competition FAQs

Can I bring pre-prepared items that take longer than the 2 hours and 35 minutes given?

The following is a list of pre-prepared items that are acceptable to bring:

  • Raw, Yeast-Raised Doughs: Example, puff pastry, brioche, etc.
  • Stocks: these may be partially reduced but not sauce consistency
  • Rendered Fats: Duck Fat, Beef Fat, etc.
  • Smoked fats
  • Infused oils
  • Powders
  • Non-reduced jus or fortified stock (as long as it is not a finished sauce)

Please let the Foundation know what you will be bringing, so that we can provide final approval.

Are we allowed to bring in things such as bone marrow, truffles, foie gras, etc?

  • Yes, however, please submit any additional protein items you wish to bring.

What prep can I do ahead of time?

  • Unless approved by the Foundation or included in the list above, cut or cooked items will be allowed. It is recommended that all ingredients be cleaned ahead of time, and root ends may be trimmed.
  • Peeled vegetables and fruit are acceptable but they may not be shaped in the process.
  • It is recommended that all items be scaled and measured ahead of time as much as possible.

Can I combine ingredients before I arrive or during the prep time?

  • No, all items must be kept separate; any items that are found pre-mixed will need to be separated before the competition begins or they will be removed from the candidate’s kitchen.

Can I bring hydrocolloids and measure them ahead of time?

  • Yes

Is it ok if I bring smoking chips to smoke?

  • Yes

What happens if two or more competitors need circulators, robot coupes, and kitchen aid mixers? Do we need to adjust our time-lines to share?

  • All candidates are encouraged to inform the foundation of their shared equipment needs so we can be sure all candidates have what they need during the competition.

What type of tasks and prep work is allowed during set-up time?

  • Candidates may set up their stations with all equipment and food items.
  • All appliances, stove, ovens, immersion circulator, etc may be turned on.
  • Water may be placed in pots or bowls but no food items may be placed in any of them.

May I bring my own pasta roller?

  • Yes, however, any additional equipment needs to be approved directly by the Foundation.

Can I present my dish whole to the judges before slicing?

  • No, all candidates may only present their dish as a plated presentation.

With the final dish, can there be a supplement dish or a sauce to be poured tableside?

  • All items must be served on the ten plates with the exception of one sauce that may be served by the candidate or service team at the judges’ table.

Do we receive complimentary tickets for family and friends?

  • For Young Chefs, you and your assistant will each receive 2 complimentary tickets; Commis candidates will also receive 2 complimentary tickets.

Note: We encourage you to work with mentors/ coaches, but they will not be able to come in to the kitchen during your prep/ competition time.