“Like every cycle year for the Bocuse d’Or cooking competition, you have your ups and your downs during the training. I have many friends who play professional sports and the ethos lived during this cycle is one they live by on a daily basis, which is, “Never get too high when you win or too low when you lose; stay as even as you can, it will help you with the most stressful times.” This is something we keep in mind throughout the year and the training sessions; there is always the grind to get it done, meet the deadlines, create what you think will stand out on the main stage.”

To read more about how Chef Gavin Kaysen is helping Team USA prepare for the 2019 Bocuse d’Or, please visit http://plateonline.com/chefs/how-i-trained-athlete-bocuse-d%E2%80%99or?allowguest=true