The ment’or grant program provides unique opportunities to work alongside the country’s best in the culinary profession

(New York, NY; November 1, 2015)—The ment’or BKB Foundation, founded by Chefs Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller and Jérôme Bocuse, continues with the second year of the ment’or Program for Continuing Education. All food and beverage professionals with at least three years of work experience are encouraged to apply. The program awards one to three month grants tailored to fit the needs, goals and skillset development of the recipient and covers all transportation, salary, and basic living expenses. Applications are available on the ment’or website.

Mentors from some of the country’s top restaurants, such as Blue Ginger, minibar, Juni, Hot and Hot Fish Club, Mélisse, Qui, and Saison, open their doors to enthusiastic, up-and-coming professionals.

Daniel Mocca-Field, a 2014 recipient, shares, “This experience was hugely validating. I am grateful for the opportunity to step away from my day-to-day and see myself professionally in a different light. An important part of growing from a cook to a chef is having confidence in your own ability. After returning from my stages at Bar Tartine and Manresa, I was promoted to a junior chef position at Betony in NYC. I felt ready for that challenge largely because of my grant experience.”

Grantees have an exceptional opportunity to immerse themselves in a different setting and gain exposure to techniques and skills to help raise them to the next level.

“Stories like Daniel Mocca-Field’s help illustrate how invaluable this program can be for one’s career. They are able to enhance their craftsmanship and learn from some of the best and most respected restaurants in the world,” ment’or Executive Director Young Yun says. “We are excited to support even more aspiring culinarians this year.”

 Additional details about the ment’or Program for Continuing Education can be found on the ment’or website and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.